May 14, 2017

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We look up to our moms, they are our role models and mentors. Our moms are strong, adventurous achievers of dreams. We are moms who raise little ones to grow up knowing they can also achieve anything – from podiums to degrees. Mom was there when we learned to ride a bike, she supported us during every pedal stroke and wiped our tears after each fall. This Mother’s Day, we thank you, Mom, and celebrate our bond with love… and bikes. 

Meet Liv Ambassadors from around the world and discover how they ride together. Get inspired and share your rides with your mom this Mother's Day by tagging #HowWeLiv on social media. 

Katie Holden Mom

Katie Holden, Liv Mountain Bike Athlete, Adventurer, and Mentor... and her Mom!

"My mom gave me the opportunity to pursue mountain biking. She pushed me and told me to never give up. She told me to follow my dreams and I did. It's all thanks to her." 

Edith and Mom

Edith Zariñana Jiménez, Liv Mexico Ambassador... and her Mom!

"Mum and I remembered the days when she taught me how to ride a bike. Now, it is my turn to help her ride! There is nothing like sharing my passion with my number 1 fan... no matter what, I know she will always be there for me." 

Damaris and Daughter

Damaris Barrios, Liv USA Ambassador... and her Daughter!

"After years trying to convince my daughter to ride a bike, she finally decided to give it a try... and guess what, she loved it! So excited to know I have my mini Liv!" 

Katya and Mom

Katya Crema, 2X Winter Olympian/ Liv Australia Ambassador... and her Mom!

"I love riding with my mom, whether it is chasing her down through the woods, or out on the road. Mother-Daughter ride days with my mom include 60km rides from the city to the farm, followed by a big lunch. I love those days." 

Amy and Daughter

Amy Stanfield, Liv USA Ambassador... and her Daughter! 

"I am a 'stepmom,' but am a full-time mom to my sweet spirit child, as I like to call her. I did not make her body, but I am helping to shape her mind and heart. We ride to school every day together, and what I want her to learn from the bike is simply … you are capable! As a mother, the most important thing I can teach her is that her mind, body, and heart are capable of anything she sets them to. That hill that used to be hard to climb no longer is. Those gears that were impossible to figure out, no longer are. Those scrapes and bruises and scary moments, heal and become trophies of your bravery. Yes, my 'step-daughter' is sweet, smart, athletic, pretty … but most of all, she is capable. I love her as if she were from me, and she is in many ways. On Mother's Day, I am honored to be one of the people who gets to teach and learn from her. Gratitude!"

Katja and her Children

Katja Konschak, Pro Triathlete/ Liv Germany Ambassador... and her Children! 

"I enjoy riding the bike with my two kids. They love riding the bike as much as I do, as long as we are having ice cream along the way!"

Serena and her Mom

Serena Bishop Gordon Liv Co-Factory Team... and her Mom! 

"My Mom. She gives me the strength and courage to do the things I have not done before. She believes in me more that I believe in myself, and when I fall, she is always there to pick me up, dust me off, and tell me to get right back on the horse... or bike!"

Krista and her Family

Krista and her Daughter

Krista Turcasso, Liv Canada Ambassador... and her Family! 

"Mountain biking means a great deal to me. It has given me strength, confidence, and joy, has helped me through tough times and continually provides a time of meditation. As a mother of two young girls, I try my best to be a good role model by showing them the benefits of being active, strong, healthy, independent and confident through sports like mountain biking. Sharing this sport with them and taking part as a family takes it to the next level."

Allysa and her Mom

Allysa Seely, Paralympic Gold Medalist, Triathlon... and her Mom! 

"My mom is one of my biggest supporters. After winning Gold at the 2016 Paralympics, my mom and I enjoyed some well-deserved celebrating together." 

Manuela and her Mom

Manuela De Iuliis, Liv Italy Ambassador... and her Mom!

"My mom is always with me before training, I don't know what I'd do without her."

Anna and her Kids

Anna Jarosz, Liv Poland Employee... and her Kids!

"Since I'm a mother, Mother's Day has a different and a very special meaning to me. My sons and I are discovering the world together. They are showing me how joyful small things can be. We are collecting memories from our different trips: on the bike, on foot, and by car. Spending time together is the most valuable thing in my life, even though sometimes it is hard to be a mom and to combine all the life roles I have in my life... The love for my children is absolute."

Grace and her Daughter

Grace Stevens, 10X Ironman Athlete/ Liv Australia Ambassador... and her Daughter!

"This was right before my daughter and I competed in our first triathlon together. It was a special memory!" 

Lisa and her Daughter

Lisa Mach, Liv USA Ambassador... and her Daughter! 

"I'm a widow and raising my daughter alone since she was 2 1/2.  I've been biking with her since she was an infant in an infant bike seat that was installed between my seat and handlebars. Her name is Gabriella and she is now almost 12 and has done a few El Tours with me up to 40 miles and it means so much to me to see her enjoy cycling."

Annie and her Kids

Annie Bergen, Professional Off-Road Triathlete/ Liv Canada Ambassador... and her Kids! 

"These pictures are taken over many, many years. From the time I would pull them behind me in a chariot to when they are riding bigger jumps than me! I truly have created a bond with my kids while riding, jumping, crashing, racing, encouraging, traveling, cheering, teaching, and ripping!" 

Jane's Mom

Jane Ollerenshaw, Liv Australia Ambassador... and her Mom! 

"This is my mom Annette, she will kill me for putting this photo up, but this is what my mom does best, helping others. My mom is in her 70's and this photo was taken at an MTB stage race, out in the middle of the Outback, Australia. She has always supported my racing, as well as cheering on all the riders who are giving it their all. My mom gives awesome hugs, even when I'm covered in sweat and dirt." 

Maria and her Mom

María Fernanda Cantú, Liv Mexico Ambassador... and her Mom! 

"My mom means the world to me. She's always helping me to achieve my goals. I don't think there should be one mother's day since we should celebrate them all year long!" 

Nicole and her Mom

Nicole Marlette, Liv USA Ambassador... and her Mom! 

"Mother's Day and every day means a rekindled relationship with my beautiful mom and our love for bikes and riding them together. We have had many fun days on bikes and she has progressed so much. She now has a full suspension! Oh yeah!" 

Sarah and her Daughter

Sarah Grove, Triathlete/ Coach/ Liv Australia Ambassador... and her Niece!

"Mother's Day is a day to celebrate all the beautiful, strong women in the world inspiring the next generation. I have always shared Mother's Day with my mom and nieces, this year I will be cherishing the little one growing inside me as each day brings me closer to becoming a mom."

Nicole Witburn and her Mom

Nicole Whitburn, Liv Australia Ambassador... and her Mom! 

"My mom has always been my biggest support in cycling. She comes to watch most of my races and is always there to remind me to just have fun. I couldn't do it without her!" 

Leigh and her Mom

Leigh Donovan, Downhill World Champion/ Liv Ambassador... and her Mom!

"My mom rocks in so many ways. She's a person that grabs the worm in the morning and accomplishes a lot in one day; every day, she can cook anything, is kind, loving, and patient. She always makes time for her family and has stayed married to my dad for almost 50 years! She is always the person I want to call when I reach for the phone. Each year, we celebrate Mother's Day and my mom's birthday (May 13th), so we go all out. She's an extra special human that I love to celebrate!

Last year, my mom came out to Mammoth Mountain to participate in one of my mountain bike clinics. It was the coolest feeling to see my mom conquer her fears and ride all the way down from the top of the mountain."

Meg and her Son

Meg Pattillo Valliant, Liv USA Ambassador... and her Son! 

"One of the many highlights of being a cycling mom is teaching our children how to work on their own bikes. Pictured here is #crubones putting a tire on the rim without using tire levers." 

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