One of the Best Riders with Dusty Helmet Hair

April 10, 2017

I was browsing around and looking for an article about cycling and I found this

A super-fast and thrilling edition go Paris-Roubaix has ended, and riders and teams have given their reaction to the race via social media. The race was reportedly the fastest on record, with hot, dry conditions helping the riders to speed along the cobbles of northern France.

Rather than wet mud, the riders had to deal with clouds of dry dust kicked up by those in front of them and race vehicles. Needless to say, many finished caked in a mixture of sweat and fine brown dust – sometimes to great comedic effect.

Jos Van Emden went for the full Roubaix look, complete with bloodshot red eyes.

Edward Theuns should get some sort of prize for the best helmet hair in history – and for bouncing back from serious injury to get a great result.

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