Watch: How Important Is Drafting In Cycling?

March 23, 2018

Watch: How Important Is Drafting In Cycling?

By Cycling Porn

Given how much science is interspersed in our sport it’s normal for you to get confused, so every now and then we all need a little reminder as to why things are the way they are in cycling, like drafting.

Drafting in cycling is important. Like having butter on your bread or milk in your tea it goes without saying that cyclists will do anything they can to reap the rewards of drafting.

So how important is drafting then? Well, let us break down exactly why we love to draft and how it can help you when out on the road.

The analysis brought up some interesting points like why you would actually prefer to have someone hanging onto your wheel despite it being annoying at first.

So be sure to watch our video before this weekend so you can remind your fellow group riders that you’re doing them a favour sitting at the back of the pack.

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