20 Functions Speedometer Odometer Bike Computer

This unique custom 20 Functions Speedometer Odometer Bike Computer with premium quality materials.

Product Details:

  • Material: High-quality
  • Colors: Black Red, Blue Black, Green black
  • Bike Computer Function: 20 Function
  • Bike Speedometer: Wireless Bike Computer and Wired Bike Computer


1. Used on two kinds tyre spec
2. Memory function
3.  Speed tendency
4.  SPD          Current Speed
5.  ODO         Odometer
6.  DST          Distance of a single trip
7.   MXS          Max speed
8.   AVS          Average speed
9.   TM            Time for a ride
10.  CLK        (12h|24h)\Clock   
11.  CAL        Calories Level
12. FAT        Fat burn measurement
13. TEM       Temperature
14. SW         Time (seconds watch)
15. Indication for low power
16. Maintenance and reminding function
17. Adaptable for KM\hr or M\hr
18. SETTING WHEEL CYCLING (0mm-99999mm)
19. The default value of odometer setting
20. Auto on \off

Feature: Waterproof, Stopwatch


1,About backlight: During 17:00-7:00,screen will be lighted up for 4 seconds when you press any key , But if you want the screen always lighted , press both middle and right key  for 1 seconds to keep the screen always lighted up.Press middle and right key for 1 seconds again to cancel it .

2,About clean the value:  Press the right key to enter into the DST PAT TM mode.under this mode , press the middle key to check the fat and calories value.Press left key for 3 seconds,DST TM MXS AVS FAT and calories comes to '0'.
3, The distance between the bicycle computer and the magnetic head should be within 60cm.The distance between the wireless launcher and themagnetic head is around 1.5mm(The more closer the more sensitive)


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